Cheyenne Frontier Days

“The Daddy of ’em All”®


In the frontier west of a young United States, cowboys roamed vast expanses of land as they tended cattle on the open prairie. After months out on the range, cowboys returned to their ranches, sometimes partaking in friendly bucking-horse competitions with other cowboys in the area.

On September 23, 1897, organizers harnessed the spirit of these impromptu matches of cowboy skill for a one day rodeo in Cheyenne. The Daddy of ‘em All was born. Since its humble origins in 1897, Cheyenne Frontier Days has been at the heart of the cowboy way of life. Through recessions, depressions, world wars and every conceivable kind of weather, Cheyenne Frontier Days evolved into the world’s largest outdoor rodeo and western celebration!

Today, more than 2,500 volunteers work around the calendar to produce an event that borders on two weeks long and includes parades, pancake breakfasts, world-class concerts, chili and chuckwagon cookoffs, carnival, exhibits, Indian Village, military open houses and performances by the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and, of course the event that started it all- nine Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) rodeos including the PBR.

Volunteers are the fuel that drives the Cheyenne Frontier Days engine. Tasks range from sorting stock for the nine rodeos plus the slack performances; caring for the world’s largest horse-drawn carriage collection and a remarkable period clothing collection; mucking horse stalls; directing traffic in all types of weather; manning gates; the care and feeding of a large media contingent; serving as hosts to the tens of thousands of spectators who enjoy the variety of events; the care and maintenance of a 100-acre park with barns, grandstands, exhibit halls, food facilities and arenas and thousands of other grizzly little details that must be accomplished for the event to succeed.

Ten days and nights of heart-pounding rodeo action, thrilling big-name entertainment, a magical carnival, a colorful Indian Village, exciting horse-drawn parades, the patriotic aerial displays of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and a whole lot more make Cheyenne Frontier Days an unmatched spectacle under the vast Wyoming skies.

Why do they do it?

“It’s the Cheyenne thing to do.”

Cheyenne Frontier Days Royalty

The first Miss Frontier was selected in 1931 when the Cheyenne Frontier Days committee sponsored a contest. All six of the girls who entered were sponsored by a civic organization. Each girl was judged based on the number of tickets sold be her sponsoring organization. Miss Jean Nimmo Dubois had the honor of becoming the first Miss Frontier when the Cheyenne Post of the American legion sold the most tickets to the show. Edith Gogerty Stevens won the honor in 1932 by a popularity vote determined by the number of tickets sold at the Frontier Pavilion. In 1933, another contest sponsored by the Tribune-Eagle selected Maysie McKay Christensen as the third Miss Frontier. The year 1934 saw the CFD committee selected Lois Crain Moor as Miss Frontier and Leona Burner Gillen as her Lady-in-Waiting, starting a tradition that follows to this day.

During the reign of Mary Helen Warren Welborn in 1936, Miss Frontier acquired he traditional garb of the “White Bucks.” Mary Helen had seen Sally Rand, the fan dancer who appeared at CFD wearing an outfit of leather, consisting of a divided skirt and vest trimmed in fringe and silver conches. Mary Helen thought the outfit was most appealing and so the familiar official clothing of Miss Frontier came into being work with a satin blouse.

The role of Miss Frontier has evolved through the years. Today, as well as appearing at all of the events of the show, she is a visible representative of Cheyenne Frontier Days appearing at other rodeos, press conferences and special events to promote and annual event born of an idea to create a celebration for Cheyenne.

Cowboys at CFD

Cowboys from the early 1900’s at CFD.


Today’s cowboys at CFD


1931 Jean Nimmo (Dubois)

The first Miss Frontier Jean Nimmo Dubois, 1931.

WSArtShow2015 4 2015 Miss Frontier, Sara Rangitsch and the 2015 Lady-In-Waiting, Jonna Brown.

P A S T   M I S S   F R O N T I E R

Jean Nimmo Dubois, 1931
Edith Gogerty Stevens, 1932
Maysie McKay Christensen, 1933
Lois Crain Moor, 1934
Leona Bruner Gillen, 1935
Mary Helen Warren Wolborn, 1936
Katherine Schroeder Holmes, 1937
Helen McCarty, 1938
Louis Holmes Bartlett, 1939
Betty McIver Tarlton, 1940
Mary Ann Klett Sims, 1941
Teddy Ann Storey Varineau, 1942
Marry Ellen Jensen, 1943
Barbara Ann Benton Ward, 1944
Orlene Merritt Mills, 1945
Lois Hofmann Deaver, 1946
Ann Dinneen Smith, 1947
Susan Murray Cosgriff, 1948
Norma Jean Bell Morris, 1949
Joy Vandehei Kilty, 1950
Laura Bailey Richardson, 1951
Jane Henderson Uchner, 1952
Carol Rees Preece, 1953
Margy Hirsig Wilson, 1954
Nancy Black Zwonitzer, 1955
Marilyn yan Manoney, 1956
Lynne Mabee Sroh, 1957
Jeanette Tyrrell Daly, 1958
Merrilyn Farthing Segrest, 1959
Judy Read Brown, 1960
Mary Caldwell Weppner, 1961
April Belecky Jones, 1962
Suzanne Hanes Brown, 1963
Susan Dubois Price, 1964
Shannon Kay Hanson Smith, 1965
Kathleen Keefe Scott, 1966
Carolyn Holmes O’Connor, 1967
Dianne Spear Kirkbride, 1968
Marie Nimmo Replogle, 1969
Carol Powers Waeckerlin, 1970
Patty Berry Dougherty, 1971
Julia Robinson, 1972
Mary Boice Read, 1973
Beth Murray Edwards, 1974
Teresa Jordan, 1975
Cynthia Lummis Wiederspahn, 1976

Nancy Borthwick Grote, 1977
Diedre Kilty Newman, 1978
Shirley Holmes Churchill, 1979
Shelly Howe Erickson, 1980
Rita Holmes Helgeson, 1981
Tricia Pattno Nichols, 1982
DeDe Schuppan Buckhaults, 1983
Tamara Dereemer, 1984
Libby Crews, 1985
Marcy Morris Habbe, 1986
Michele Albert, 1987
Shannon Humphrey Hageman, 1988
Tammy Powers Rohde, 1989
Trish Golden, 1990
Niffy Bube, 1991
Kimm Acton, 1992
Rachelle Hayes Zimmerman, 1993
Tricia Weppner, 1994
Stacy Bishop, 1995
Kristen Dolan, 1996
Jamie Hunt, 1997
Kellie Tenborg, 1998
Tristan Johnson, 1999
Paige Vossler, 2000
Kristy VanKirk, 2001
Britt Holmes Miller, 2002
Heather Sanchez, 2003
Tara Vreeland, 2004
Joanne Brewster, 2005
Julianna “Boo” Edwards Dixon, 2006
Katie Landers, 2007
Kari Ward, 2008
Kimberly Kuhn, 2009
Rachel Shutter, 2010
Amy Berry, 2011
Sami Jo Heitsch, 2012
Chloe Pfoor, 2013
Kaci Malmborg, 2014
Sara Rangitsch, 2015
Jonna Brown, 2016
Rylee Anderson, 2017
Emily Breeden, 2018

1944 Barbara Benton

Miss Frontier 1944, Barbara Ann Benton Ward,

1974 Beth Murry

Miss Frontier 1974,  Beth Murray Edwards


Library and Research Center

The Library and Research Center at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum encompasses over 60,000 items relating to Cheyenne and the American West including nearly 10,000 historic photographs, over 1,000 postcard, and over 13,000 historical artifacts and publications about Cheyenne Frontier Days, the world’s largest outdoor rodeo.

The Library and Research Center is open to the public by appointment only. Please contact Cathy Osterman at (307) 778-1410 to schedule an appointment to use the Library and Resource Center.

Home in Wyoming by James Boren

Home in Wyoming by James Boren