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Andy Mast

Andy, has no formal training or art education. Exercising his God-given talent, and passion for drawing, he found a purpose to become an artist of hope. He desires to bring his viewers courage, peace and hope through his art. “I strive for a sense of harmony in my drawings by using light to express some form of spirituality or Godliness,“ he says. “The horses, animals and figures I represent are personal reflections… symbolic of my emotions… in which I conscientiously create their postures, facial expressions and the light in their eyes.” “The eyes of my horses feel like windows to my soul.” 

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2024 Artwork


Eyes of Wisdom by Andy Mast

This Artwork is No Longer Available


Quiet Confidence by Andy Mast

This Artwork is No Longer Available

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4610 Carey Ave  |  Cheyenne, Woming 82009  |   (307) 778-7290

The 2023 Cheyenne Frontier Days™ Western Art Show & Sale catalog is updated daily and does not represent the show in its entirety. Information within is subject to change without notice.

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