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The Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame showcases individuals, livestock and organizations whose distinctive contributions to Cheyenne Frontier Days have helped grow one man’s dream into “The Daddy of ’em All.” ®

Whether contestants, contract personnel, entertainers, livestock, organizations, families or volunteers, those voted into the Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame represent the wonderful competitive and cooperative spirit that has remained the hallmark of Cheyenne Frontier Days since 1897. Members of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum at the Hall of Fame Level (and above) vote for each class of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame.

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame Class of 2017 Induction Ceremony will take place Friday, September 8, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at the Radisson Cheyenne. Tickets to the Induction Ceremony will be available starting August 1, 2017.

Call For Nominations!

Don’t miss your opportunity to nominate the person or entity that you believe has turned Cheyenne Frontier Days in to the “Daddy of ‘em All.” All nominations must be received by December 31, 2016. (See form below)

Nominations are open to the public and are limited to past and present Cheyenne Frontier Days contestants, contract personnel, entertainers, livestock, families, organizations and volunteers. The CFD Hall of Fame celebrates the history of individuals, livestock, and organizations whose distinctive contribution over the past 118 years has grown Cheyenne Frontier Days into the world’s largest outdoor rodeo and western celebration. Cheyenne Frontier Days plays such an important role in the Cheyenne Community, and it’s time to honor those that have helped make it what it is today-The Daddy of em’ all.

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Class of 2016 Inductees

Cowboys & Contract Personnel

Duane “Bubba” Roedocker To the visitor of Cheyenne Frontier Days they get to see many of our community’s citizens help put on the greatest Western celebration on earth. They see the cast of the parades, Miss Frontier and the Lady-in-Waiting, the Indian dancers and of course the cowboys and their animal challengers. They might notice the numerous volunteers who help CFD run smoothly and with great effect. Who they might not see are the people behind the scenes who help get everything ready for the rodeo, almost as soon as the last gun for the previous show goes off.

There are many staff who help ensure that CFD is ready to go year by year and many have been doing so for some time. There are those who stand out as having been at the heart of some of the greatest physical changes and growth of our event has seen. One such man is Duane “Bubba” Roedocker.

Duane first became involved with Cheyenne Frontier Days in 1966 working with parade horses and the mare and colt race. When he was hired to become superintendent of the CFD grounds in 1971, he became more than the “housekeeper” of the grounds but an important part of some of the most impressive growth Cheyenne Frontier Days had seen since the 1920s.

The list of the many buildings that he was involved with are impressive. He saw the construction of the new “B” Stand in the early 1970s and finished his career after seeing the new 1993 East Stands entering commission. He oversaw the construction of today’s stock pens and the large county barns as well as several committee buildings, his own shop, Building B-12 and the cowboy and chuck wagon restrooms. This was on top of his service to make sure that the grounds were in top shape through the fall, winter and spring months for twenty-five years. When he wasn’t busy with tasks for CFD, he also helped with circuses, the Laramie County Fair, horse shows and other events too numerous to mention. Many of these tasks he did alone, but sometimes he was able to enlist the help of his family. His family’s involvement and many of the personal and business relationships he established on behalf of Cheyenne Frontier Days continues today. Duane retired in 1996.

Billy Ward Frontier Days has always been important to Billy Ward. At the age of seven he was working with Paul Bruegman and Archie Johnson “hot walking” or cooling down pick-up horses. Billy’s family worked with the Bruegmans in the parade lot harnessing and hitching horses up for the parades. When that task was completed, the family could be seen riding along the route as outriders. After the parade was finished for the day, the Wards would go to the rodeo and help cool horses after the events. Billy remembers these tasks as well as sorting out the horses for the next day’s events.

Outside of CFD, Billy pursued a career in rodeo. An excellent roper, he competed in high school and in 1988 at the age of 19 appeared in the CFD arena himself. In an excellent demonstration of roping skill, he set a new arena record in tie-down roping. Sadly, his record was short lived when Jerry Jetton, two runs later, roped in 10.8 seconds that same day. The next year, Billy began a new career with Cheyenne Frontier Days as a pick-up man for Harry Vold. Already experienced in doing the same work for high school and college rodeos, this was the beginning of a stellar career that kept him in the CFD arena for twenty-five years and won him wide acclaim. He did pick-up work at rodeos all over the nation and was asked to participate as a trusted pick-up man the Dodge National Circuit Rodeo in 1996, several years for the College National Finals in Casper, Wyoming and for the National Finals Rodeo seven times. Billy went to the National Circuit Finals in 1996 and 1998, and was selected in 2008 but unable to attend due to a blizzard. He was selected for 21 circuit finals, including Mountain States, Texas and Turquoise.

In 1990, Billy began supplying horses for Cheyenne Frontier Days’ parades. This was done as part of his program to produce new pick-up horses for rodeos. Queens and rodeo judges alike have been on horses that Billy has trained. He also supplied bucking horses to CFD as a stock contractor under Billy Ward Rodeo Company/Broken Arrow Rodeo from 2003-2007. Billy’s work with CFD and rodeo has been a family affair. His wife, Marlo, assisted him in everything he did and his sons Dalton and Denton carry on in his place.


Ann King Ann King volunteered for Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Old West Museum for over 51 years starting in 1962 when Ann became a member of the Cheyenne Frontier Days W-Heels. In 1970, Ann became one of two Mounted Marshalls in the Horse drawn Vehicle Section holding that position until 1982. Ann also served as President of the W-Heels from 1972-1978. During her tenure 2015 CFD Hall of Fame Nominee Biographies as president, the organization was restructured using her ideas. The changes she implemented are still in place today.

After the Centennial Year celebration there was great interest in starting a museum to preserve CFD History. Early in 1977 the city gave CFD the building which served as the first Civic Center. It was decided that it would house a new CFD museum. The W-Heels were responsible for preparing the carriages and costumes used in the parades for display there. Ann led the group and took on the responsibility for organizing the members who worked voluntarily for over three months so the museum could open on July 9, 1978.

In 1981, Ann helped to organize the Carriage Coordinating Committee. This committee manages the many uses of the carriages and plans for their preservation. Ann also donated $10,000 as “seed money” for an account that is used for professional restoration in this collection. During this period Ann helped provide for the maintenance and storage of the antique bicycles and stored the School House float at the King Ranch. Today, the Eisele family, who own King Ranch, continue to house the float free of charge for CFD in Ann’s honor.

Ann remained active in CFD until her death in 2011. Helping to maintain and distribute the W-Heels costumes to those riding in the parades. She volunteered at the Old West Museum where she did research on the history of individual carriages and identified people in the museum’s historic photos. She also volunteered for all the parades during CFD. Cheyenne Frontier Days continues to build on the efforts of such outstanding volunteers such as Ann King.

James Mueller– Jim Mueller has participated in 81 consecutive Cheyenne Frontier Days and has been a volunteer for 55 years. When he first attended, he was in diapers and his father, E.A. Mueller was in the Wild Horse Race in 1935. When he was 13 and 14 years old, he volunteered as an outrider for the parades. During the summers, he worked for the Boices’ on the PO Ranch, and they brought horse teams to town for the parades. When Jim turned 15, he began working with the stock contractor, Verne Elliott, in the arena. He loaded bucking stock, worked the chute slide gates, took the wild horses to the race track and sorted the stock horses. In 1963, Bob Boice contracted Jim to work on Chute 9 and then in 1964 he joined the Contestants Committee, where he was in charge of barriers and cattle. Working with Dan Taylor, he was in charge of and worked at Chute 9 until 2003. Jim also worked with Don Kensinger putting together the timed event livestock. When the Contestants building was under construction, Jim donated over $1,500 and hours of labor to complete the project. He became Contestant Committee Chairman in 2004, and after his term was over, he returned to Chute 9, opening the chute gate to let roping cattle out. While serving as the Contestants Chairman, he also served on the committee’s advisory board to the PRCA board. Jim also served on the Hall of Fame Committee for six years. In addition to his Contestants Committee work, Jim became a Heel in 1971, where he has been active from that day forward. From 1982-1984, he worked on dual committees, both the Contestants and the Public Relations Committee. He was able to get contestants to do interviews with the media. Jim also competed in the Wild Horse Race for two years, roped steers in the PRCA for 32 years, roped in the Senior Steer Ropers Association for 29 years, and went to the CFD finals in 1997 where he finished fifth. Families, Historic Notables or Other Teresa Jordan Teresa Jordan is a recognized artist and author who grew up in Iron Mountain, Wyoming. She was part of the fourth generation of southeast Wyoming cattle ranchers in her family. When she was young, she participated in many aspects of Cheyenne Frontier Days, most notably as Miss Frontier in 1975. During her reign as Miss Frontier, people became aware of the importance of a representative who could communicate the history and events of CFD. Teresa’s passion for the West and her talent for communication created a new standard for future Miss Frontiers. Teresa continued promoting her love of Western culture, ranching and Cheyenne Frontier Days through her publication of eight books, her art, and “The Open Road,” a regular feature on the Public Radio International Program, The Savvy Traveler. Her contributions to the knowledge of the American West have advanced the understanding of this region and the role it plays. Her knowledge of this reflects directly back to her youth in Wyoming and her role in Frontier Days. For her first book, Cowgirls: Women of the American West she interviewed nearly 100 women who worked on ranches and in the rodeo. She photographed these women at work and collected historic images from their scrapbooks, period newspapers, magazines and local historical societies. Teresa has received the Western Heritage Award from the Cowboy Hall of Fame. She has been active with the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for almost thirty years. She has been a featured speaker at many organizations such as the Fife Folklore Conference, the Conference on World Affairs, and the Center of the American West. She has also participated in the Marie Bell Lecture Series for the Old West Museum.

Cynthia Lummis Congressman Cynthia Lummis comes from a long tradition of service to our Wyoming community and Cheyenne Frontier Days. Born in Cheyenne to Doran and Enid Lummis, Cynthia and her siblings were immersed in the family tradition of commitment to family and community, God, and country. Deeply involved in her family’s ranch on Crow Creek near Cheyenne, Cynthia pitched in on everyday chores such as windrowing hay, building fence, calving and maintaining the ranch’s irrigation system. A skilled horsewoman, her ability to ride a horse of just about any temperament was a blessing for her mother, a member of the CFD WHEELS, who consistently engaged her children in the annual CFD Parades. Enid could also count on Cynthia to help move and repair the many parade costumes owned by the X-JWC when they didn’t have a permanent home. She graduated from Cheyenne’s East High School in 1972 and entered the University of Wyoming. While there she participated in the “World Campus Afloat” program where she toured Asia and Africa. Pursuing an Animal Science degree and a Biology degree at the University of Wyoming, Cynthia was recognized as “Who’s Who” in America’s Colleges and Universities, one of only fifty students so acknowledged for their achievements. In the midst of her studies she participated as a member of the University rodeo team and competed as a breakaway roper. At the age of twenty, Cynthia was selected to become Lady-In-Waiting to Teresa Jordan in 1975 and went on to become Miss Frontier during our nation’s centennial. As part of her duties to Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cynthia was honored to attend the Navajo Pow Wow at Window Rock, Arizona where she was honored with a beautiful turquoise bracelet. Shortly after her reign as Miss Frontier in 1979, Cynthia became the youngest woman ever elected to the Wyoming Legislature She returned to the University of Wyoming and received her law degree in 1985. Cynthia then clerked for the Supreme Court, practiced law in Cheyenne, and served a total of fourteen years in the Wyoming House and Senate, concentrating on agricultural, natural resource and taxation issues. She served as Policy Director for Governor Geringer 1995-1996 and in 1998; Cynthia was elected as Wyoming’s State Treasurer. While Treasurer, she converted Wyoming’s primarily fixed income investment portfolio of $3.5 billion to a fully diversified portfolio of equities, real estate and fixed income investments, public and private, domestic and international, which increased the funds to $8.5 billion. Her term of office as State Treasurer ended in January 2007. The University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture selected her as the Outstanding Alumna in 2005. In 2008, she was elected to be Wyoming’s sole Representative in the United States Congress in which she has avidly supported the state’s interests. She is currently on the House Natural Resources and House Oversight and Government Reform Committees. With such tremendous responsibility, Cynthia did not abandon her love of Cheyenne Frontier Days. A constant advocate for the rodeo, Cynthia was invited to become a member of the CFD Board of Directors for her expertise in land management and financial matters. She was the first woman in a leadership position at Cheyenne Frontier Days and broke the “glass ceiling” for many other women thereafter. When the House schedule allows Cynthia has participated in every parade and Grand Entry since 2008. She is a familiar “face” on the Park.

Determination by Chris Owen image

Determination by Chris Owen

Some Days By Robert Abbett

Some Days By Robert Abbett

On the Way Home by Tim Cox

On the Way Home by Tim Cox

Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame Inductees Roster:

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F.E. Warren Air Force Base-2004
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Dr. J.S. Palen-2006
Shirley Holmes Churchill-2009
The Denver Post-2005
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Garth Brooks-2010
Gus Fleischli-2002
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association-2006
Floyd Carroll-2010
Shirley Flynn-2004
Ikua Purdy-2007
Louise Cole-2010
Lane Frost-2003
Sally Rand-2005
Brad Churchill-2010
Turk Greenough-2003
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T.V. & April Jones-2010
Robert D. Hanesworth-2003
Warren Richardson-2005
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W.J. “Jack” Ryan, DDS-2008
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Monty Henson-2006
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Chuck Baley-2011
Hirsig Family-2003
Jim Shoulders-2002
Ray Boeshart-2011
Charlie Hirsig-2003
Col. E.A. Slack-2002
Ralph Buell-2011
Rudy Hofmann-2004
SSRA-Senior Steer Ropers Association-2008
Carol Farthing-2011
C.B. Irwin-2002
Margaret Irwin-2011
The Irwin Family-2008
Joseph E. Stimson-2004
Dr. Donald Kougl-2011
Jerry Jessen-2005
Edward T. Storey-2002
William “Obie” Obermeier-2011
Enid Lummis & the Lummis Family-2011
Montie Montana-2011
Don Stanfield-2011
Dick Pickett-2011
Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne – 2012
Marvin Leff- 2012
James A. Storey – 2012
Randy Wagner – 2012
William “Bill” McKinley Wilkinson – 2012
Romeo Entertainment Group
D.R. Whitaker Ranch Families – 2012
The HEELS of Cheyenne Frontier Days 2013
Tucker Fagan – 2013
Vianna Gurney – 2013
Dick Sherman – 2013
Jeremy Sparks – 2013
Earl Vandehei Family 2013
Albert “Whitey” Christensen – 2013

Hall of Fame Class of 2014 

Dr. Frank Barrett Cheyenne Frontier Days™ Western Art Show Committee Elizabeth “Liz” Escobedo Harrison Halligan Ken McCann Hank Thompson

Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Ty Murray Bobby Romer Reva Gray Dr. Norman Swanson Spiro ‘Sam’ Contos Kay Jessen W.E. Dinneen Family

Hall of Fame Class of 2016

Teresa Jordan, Ann King, Cynthia Lummis, Jim Mueller, Duane Bubba Roedocker, Billy Ward

 Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Darrell Barron, Ote Berry, Helen Bowen, Jerry Carter, Rod Hottle, James “Jim” Johnson