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Individual Internship Sponsorship - $3,500 Annually

The Museum hosts four internship positions each year. Consider sponsoring one or all of these educational opportunities to fundamentally support the future of the Museum and our histories. Internships allow participating college age students to experience hands-on work and learn the inside and out of education, marketing, collections, exhibits and arts programming. For 2023, internships span June 5, 2022 – August 18, 2022. Housing is not included. The stipend for each internship is $3,500. All interns are required to have a 3.5 GPA or above, with a focus in their internship area.

  • Exhibits Internship

    • The Exhibits intern will become familiar with many aspects of research, planning, design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance that go into museum storytelling.

  • Collections Internship

    • The Collections intern will become familiar with all phases of collections registration, research, cataloging, storage, and care.

  • Marketing Internship

    • The Marketing intern will assist in the production of Stageline, learn to plan and execute event marketing, layout and design of posters, postcards, gallery signage including sponsor recognition panels, updating of our website, and manage social media.

  • Arts and Education Internship

    • The Arts & Education intern will be to develop and co-coordinate two week-long summer camps, assist with educational outreach during Cheyenne Frontier Days, manage summer youth tours, work with Museum docents on guided tour development, children’s gallery updates, and Museum wide interactives.

Reach out to Lonnie Reese to sponsor, and Morgan Marks to apply.

Education Programs Sponsorships

$250 to $1,500 Annually

The Museum hosts two week-long summer camps every year. Kids’ Pioneer Summer Camp is for kids ages 5-12 to explore Western culture, including agriculture, history, and Cheyenne Frontier Days. Kids’ Western Art Summer Camp is for children ages 5-14 to explore Western art making—medias range from painting to printmaking and everywhere in between! Each camp can be sponsored annually at $1,500.

Additionally, the Museum hosts quarterly adults-only art education workshops known as Art Uncork’d. Sponsorship is available for each Art Uncork’d at $300 each, or $900 for the entire set.

Benefits of education program sponsorship include naming and logo recognition on advertising materials, two (2) tickets to each sponsored event, and an opportunity to present your business to the workshop through brochures or a 5-minute presentation.

Email Lonnie Reese for more details.

Cheyenne Club

Donors who contribute $1,000 annually toward any area in the Museum are included in this honorary club. Contributions include annual giving, endowment, estate gifts, Museum membership, art purchases, and honorariums or memorials. Cheyenne Club members are recognized in the Museum’s Annual Report, Stageline, in the galleries on the Wall of Honor, and honored at special events.

Museum Purchase Program

The Museum Purchase Program began with the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale during the summertime in 1981. The desire was to build a permanent Western Art Collection for the Museum that also supports the art shows. Through this program, businesses and individuals are encouraged to purchase a selection from the show as a donation to the Museum’s permanent collection.


The permanent collection has expanded from what is now known as the “Traditional Museum Purchase Collection” to include the “Contemporary Museum Purchase Program” which supports the Western Spirit Art Show and Sale and is held in the springtime.


All of the art in the Museum Purchase Collection has been purchased through either the Western Spirit Art Show or Sale or through the CFD Western Art Show and Sale.


The CFD Old West Museum’s Art Collecting Policy states “The CFD Old West Museum collects art inspired by life of yesterday and today of the High Plains and the Rocky Mountain West.”

Email Lonnie Reese if you would like to become a purchaser.

Endowment Fund

The Museum’s Endowment Fund was developed in 2001. Contributions consist of a one-time pledge of $10,000 to be paid in one lump sum or over the course of ten years. As this is an endowment, the principal remains intact in a restricted account, with the Museum only using the income to fund general operations including arts, exhibits, education, and children’s programs.

Email Lonnie Reese for more information.

Legacy Giving

Multiple options are available for your planned giving. Your estate planning can become your lasting legacy for the Museum. Whether you need immediate income tax deductions or long term benefits, the CFD Old West Museum will work with you to design a charitable giving plan.

Email Lonnie Reese to donate

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