Overland Stagecoach 1860

Overland Stagecoach 1860

This stagecoach was built by Abbot-Downing in Concord, New Hampshire. It was used on the Overland Trail which was an alternative to the Oregon Trail. The Overland Trail never came though Cheyenne but entered present-day Wyoming from the South and crossed the Laramie Plains heading westward.

In 1860, the stagecoach was purchased from Abbot-Downing for $1,240. It was able to carry nine passengers inside and others could cling to the roof. In addition to passengers, it could carry 800 pounds of express and mail in leather “boots”. The boots of this coach are missing. It made its last trip over the Overland Trail in 1866, a year before Cheyenne was founded. For many years it was displayed at the Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne before being donated to the museum.