Popcorn Wagon Circa 1910

Popcorn Wagon Circa 1910

This popcorn wagon is thought to be manufactured by C. Cretors and Company of Chicago, Illinois. It was purchased from a previous owner by Cheyenne resident Bert Millyard in 1911. The popcorn turner and the rotating peanut drum were powered by a small nickel-plated steam engine. The peanut drum had a clown painted on one end and as the drum was turned, the clown would do tumbling tricks. The wagon was horse drawn at first then later, an automobile pulled it down the streets of Cheyenne. The sign on the outside of the wagon said, “Bert Millyard, Proprietor”.

Millyard operated the business until 1947 and then the wagon was sold. Nearly twenty years later, the wagon resurfaced again as part of the Cheyenne Frontier Days parade. It had been purchased by a local man and relettered as “Lil Lou’s” in honor of Cheyenne Frontier Days’ former General Chairman and Hall of Fame inductee Lou Domenico. The wagon rolled in the Cheyenne Frontier Days parades as “Lil Lou’s” popcorn wagon until 1980. It was then retired. The popcorn wagon is owned by Cheyenne Frontier Days.